Clean, Fed & Nurtured

Our shared vision is that thriving children become healthy, resilient, and productive adults, equipped to face personal, family, community and global challenges. We believe that a coordinated focus on the Clean, Fed & NurturedSM baby can shift the ways we support child growth and child development. Strategic organisational collaboration within this multifaceted milieu is essential. A focused Coalition that leverages members’ respective strengths, voices, and portfolios around a shared vision of coordinated sectors in the early years will play an essential role in improving the health of children, mothers, and caretakers. Joining forces in a single coalition among four sectors—Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH), Nutrition, and Early Childhood Development (ECD)—will help families more easily adopt behaviors that, together, improve children’s chances to reach their fullest potential.

The newly merged Clean, Fed & NurturedSM Coalition will bring together practitioners, funders and researchers who focus on increasing coordination between WASH, MNCH, Nutrition, and ECD programming, policy-making, and funding to improve child well-being in the early years. We recognise that there are many policy, attitudinal, and funding barriers to coordination, and much to learn about integration. Thus, our aim is to leverage our collective strengths to break down barriers and make a compelling case for the necessity of a multi-sectoral approach to achieving the SDGs. The goals of the Coalition will focus on advocacy, supporting the development of integration metrics, and defining preferred practices for programmatic implementers.

To do this, we will capture and diffuse existing knowledge, push for new knowledge and metrics around multi-sectoral and integrated programming where they don’t exist, encourage the free flow of ideas, and help people to organise around purposeful, collaborative actions.