Our Story

Clean, Fed & Nurtured (CF&N) began in May 2013 with an initial meeting that brought together 48 practitioners, researchers, and academics to begin creating linkages across the disciplines of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); nutrition; and early childhood development (ECD), hence the Clean, Fed & Nurtured moniker.

At the time, there was growing consensus of the critical importance of WASH/nutrition integration for child growth and emerging program guidance and evidence. The same was equally true for nutrition and ECD integration. However, instances of WASH, nutrition, and ECD integration were very few.

This meeting and the development of CF&N was born out of an interest in exploring the integration of thinking and resources of all three sectors to promote child growth and development.

Since its inception, CF&N has conducted a number of activities to further this conversation, including webinars, side sessions at major conferences, and consultative meetings.

A full list of CF&N events and corresponding materials is available here.

As a community of practice, we welcome anyone who would like to engage with this topic to join us.