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We have been hosting events and publishing corresponding materials and resources since 2013.

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Full List of Events & Materials

‘BabyWASH’ webinar

On 13th April, the BabyWASH Coalition (now the Clean, Fed & Nurtured Coalition) hosted a webinar highlighting research and programmes in support of BabyWASH and reducing Environmental Enteropathy. Visit this page to access the recording and view the presentations.

SuSanA Webinar: ‘Multi-Sectoral Actions for WASH – the theoretical vs. the practical’

On 21 March 2017, the BabyWASH Coalition (now CF&N Coalition) co-hosted a webinar with the SuSanA secretariat on multi-sectoral actions for WASH. The continuum for integration created by BabyWASH was presented as the theoretical nature for integration. Then, practical examples from ACF and World Vision were shared followed by a lively discussion around what can be done to move us along the integration continuum and to be more effective in our programming. More information on the discussion and presentations can be found HERE.

SuSanA Thematic Discussion hosted by the BabyWASH Coalition

The BabyWASH Coalition hosted a month long conversation around the need for integration.  You can find the discussion at and the synthesis report.

Indicators for Child Growth and Development Presentation and Consultative Event

On October 6, 2015, at this in-person presentation held at FHI 360, Dr. Ed Frongillo shared his current research and findings exploring indicators beyond stunting to measure outcomes and impacts of integrated nutrition, health, and ECD interventions, building upon a symposium he presented last year in Washington DC and his recent publication in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Dr.  Maureen Black provided key information on the effort to holistically measure child well-being and guided, along with Dr. Frongillo, a discussion and possible paths for moving forward.

This was part of a larger two-day event, which included a consultative meeting of experts who discussed potential indicators for integrated programming.



Multisectoral Approaches to Improve Child Growth through WASH, Nutrition, and Early Childhood Development Webinar hosted by the CORE Group

On January 8, 2015, The CORE Group Nutrition and Social and Behavior Change Working Groups, in collaboration with the USAID WASHplus Project, hosted a one-hour webinar on multi-sectoral approaches to improve child growth and development; with a focus on improving the community knowledge of practice and sharing integration efforts for WASH, nutrition and ECD integration. In this webinar, CF&N members explained why this integration should be promoted.

UNC Water and Health Conference Presentation

In October, 2013, members of CF&N hosted a session exploring Intersectoral Collaboration Beyond Environmental Enteropathy at the University of North Carolina Water and Health Conference. Speakers included Dr. Maureen Black (UNC), Renu Bery (USAID WASHplus) and Julia Rosenbaum (USAID WASHplus).

Webinar: The Importance of Cross-Sectoral Collaboration

On July 9, 2013, CF&N hosted a  Webinar with Dr. Marie T. Ruel on the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration.